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BLJ Career Academy Provides Training to Graduates & Arranges jobs.

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We offer two courses that can
be studied in 340 hours.

Training on Apparel Merchandising & Management:
This Training course on Apparel Merchandising & Management is specially
designed to provide professional, communicational and technical knowledge

Production Management


Students will learn Basic English for communication in Industry. This course makes the Trainees a fluent user of English Language. At the end of the course, Trainees become confident to use English in their work place. The course is designed with Spoken, Writing, Reading and Listening Skills.

Basic IT learning course
A comprehensive Training is given on the computer application, particularly on MS Office Package. Trainees are able to handle basic computer applications as required for their profession. Such as prepare presentation by using power point, Basic use of excel & word, web browsing, information gather from web site, report making etc. Trainees will able to handle all sorts of mail communication.

Generally, in Bangladesh, there is huge lacking of professionalism among our graduates. A long range of professional attributes such as punctuality, work ethics, commitment, professional attitudes, critical thinking ability are often absent in their behavior. This course furnishes them with the best practiced professionalisms in the world.

Technical Skills Development
Most of our graduates are not skilled in any kind of technical skills. They are graduates in general studies. However, the work in RMG Industry, requires a mastery on technical skills like Merchandising or Production Management. Without those skills, it is not possible for them to understand the pattern of their working and survive in the Industry. Our Professional Faculty Members will teach the both Theoretically and Practically about the skills needed to work in RMG Industry as a Merchandiser or Production Officer. Our curriculum is updated as per the needs of the Industry.

Faculty Members

Mohammad Faruk Hossain

Those who are still suffering from poverty, struggling for 3 meal in a day and could not find a suitable job where they can change their・・・READ MORE


Since the beginning of my professional career back in 2007, I had a desire to do something meaningful which will not be just a job of ・・・READ MORE

Md. Aminul Islam

This is Md. Aminul Islam, Admin Officer, BLJ Bangladesh Corporation Ltd.I did my Masters in Accounting and MBA in ‘International ・・・READ MORE

Sarkar Masum

No matter how big it is, or numbers? It does not mean much.We believe that, even a very small step can change our society, ・・・READ MORE

Support System

Arranging Job

BLJ Career Academy will arrange job for you. We will guide you in every step from invitation for the interview calls to getting the appointment letter.

Job Hunting

We are exploring the job opportunities from leading RMG Manufacturers . A group of dedicated marketers are engaged in consultation with the Industry and collect their manpower requirements. Our Trained students will be referred to attend the selection process and we are confident to place them in the job and earn more.

Career Development

Our training is not only limited for the 04 months only. It is a life time experience. You will also be a member of greater community of around 1000 Members of BLJ Family which is ever growing. As a part of this vibrant community, you may learn new things, excel in career and manage better career option.

Value your money

We do value your money. As a result, we are offering you the best comprehensive training experiences available in Bangladesh with a reasonable cost. More importantly, we are offering you installments in payment. Regarding money, we are also offering you a kind of discount based on your needs.


BLJ Bangladesh Corporation Limited
149/Ga/1, Shah Ali Bag, (6th Floor), Mirpur 1, Dhaka 1217

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Course Delivery Plan

Apparel Merchandising Management
Capacity : 20 people

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Apparel Merchandising Management

This Training course on Apparel Merchandising Management is specially designed to provide professional, communicational and technical knowledge and skills to cope with the requirement of trends in RMG industry & apparel merchandising. Moreover, this course will enable trainees to acquire a range of technical and vocational, practical, personal and organizational skills valued which will be utilized both within and beyond the workplace. The course is designed to meet the required competencies of the occupations needed in the labor market in and outside the country.

Apparel Merchandising Management

Course Duration : 04 months
Class days : 03 in a week (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Class Duration : 02 hours for 01 class, 02 classes daily
Important Topics : Fiber, Fabric, Yarn and Fabric, Apparel Marketing, Target customers or clients, Costing System , C & F and FOB, CIF etc

Apparel Production Management
Capacity : 20 people

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Apparel Production Management

Training on Apparel Production & Management is a professional course offered to the aspiring Apparel Production Managers (PMs). This course will offer hands on training including both theoretical knowledge and practical skills on design, pattern making, embellishments, production, trade, packaging etc. At the end of the course, the Trainees will come to learn production procedure of the garments item, along with the knowledge of designing, materials and equipment’s. There is ample job opportunities for the production people, so they will be placed in the job easily.

Apparel Production Management

Course Duration : 04 months
Class days : 03 in a week (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Class Duration : 02 hours for 01 class, 02 classes daily
Important Topics : Production Planning Calculations, Introduction of IE, Operation Breakdown, Pattern making using CAD, Lean Production System, Quality Control

Qualification for Admission

18-30 year
Generally Unemployed/Looking for better jobs
Minimum Bachelor Degree Holders
CGPA 3.00 and above in SSC & HSC
Self Motivated and willing to work in Industry