We had a seminar on the career prospect of educated but unemployed youths.


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We had a seminar on the career prospect of educated but unemployed youths of Bangladesh at Jamalpur on 27th August 2019. Jamalpur is a district out of 64 districts in Bangladesh, located at the middle of Bangladesh, some 200 km north of the Dhaka city. It was a part of the Mymensingh Division. Established in 1978, covering a total land area of 2,031.98 km2 (784.55 sq mi), Jamlpur district has a population of 2,292,674.

Govt. Ashek Mahmud College was our venue to hold the Seminar. The college is one of the biggest colleges under the national university. In fact, most of the higher education seekers of Jamalpur disctricts, consider this college as their higher education destination. The spacious auditorium of the college was rented for the seminar. There were some advertisement campaign to spread the name of the BLJ Career Academy to the local people including day long miking, hanging banners and advertisement on Newspaper.

On the day of the Seminar, a satisfactory number of male and female students gathered at the venue. After a brief introductory session by Md. Aminul Islam, ED, BLJ Apparel Limited. Then, the main presentation and a detailed Q/A session were conducted by Kazi Mafizur Rahaman, Head of Academy. Mr. M A Jalil, the president of the Jamalpur District Press Club also encouraged the students to join the Training Programme offered by the BLJ Career Academy. Finally, Mr. Faruk Hossain, Managing Director, BLJ Bangladesh Corporation Limited delivered his insightful speech. Mr. Hossain shared his personal story of struggle and inspired the attendees to work hard with a specific objective. He also gave a glimpse on the philosophy of Borderless Group.

It was indeed an interactive session, where the speakers and the listeners both tried to reveal the hidden challenge of not getting the job where in Bangladesh there are huge numbers of jobs available. It was also focused that there is no alternatives of focusing on skills development
and technical training to manage a respectable job. The students came out motivated and few of them expressed their desires to join the Training.

The Managing Director also declared 15000 taka discount on course fee as a token of appreciation to the students from Jamalpur district.

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