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Faculty Members are highly qualified, experienced and motivated.

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Faculty Members

We will train up the Bachelor degree holders to be skilled enough to get an appropriate job. We shall develop YOUR professional

Mohammad Faruk Hossain

Those who are still suffering from poverty, struggling for 3 meal in a day and could not find a suitable job where they can change their can change・・・READ MORE


Since the beginning of my professional career back in 2007, I had a desire to do something meaningful which will not be just a job of 9am-・・・READ MORE

Md. Aminul Islam

This is Md. Aminul Islam, Admin Officer, BLJ Bangladesh Corporation Ltd.I did my Masters in Accounting and MBA in ‘International Business’ from University ・・・READ MORE

Sarkar Masum

No matter how big it is, or numbers? It does not mean much.We believe that, even a very small step can change our society, ・・・READ MORE