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Working to solve the problem
of unemployment

BLJ Career Academy trains up the Bachelor degree holders to be skilled enough to get job of Merchandiser/ Production Officer in the RMG Industry of Bangladesh. We develop YOUR professional, Technical, Communication and IT skills to make you fit for the industry. We ensure your job placement in the RMG industry.

Being the 2nd largest RMG products exporters, Bangladesh has excelled in terms of quality and quantity in RMG manufacturing. However, though unfortunately, our human resource development process failed to march along with the requirements of the industry. At present, around 6 million people are engaged in the RMG manufacturing industry in Bangladesh but most of them are floor level workers. Ideally, a manufacturing Industry should appoint one Manager for every 20 floor workers; however we have only one management staff for 60 floor workers. Though, we are sufficient in supply of floor level workers but in the management positions our contribution is marginal. Only a handful of Bangladeshi Managers are employed in the local RMG Industry while a big portion of the Managers are from foreign countries. These foreign Managers are generally taking a training of 04-06 months in their home countries and come in Bangladesh to manage a job. These foreign RMG Managers are syphoning a huge amount of our hard earned foreign currency. Moreover, due to the employment of foreigners our educated youths are not getting enough opportunities to enter the Industry. In addition to this, the dependency on the foreign managers is a big barrier to make our RMG industry self-reliant.

Our Objective

・To train up Bangladeshi educated but unemployed (minimum Bachelor degree holders) to be skilled and qualified for jobs;
・To manage jobs for the trained graduates in the local industry.
・To develop the professional, technical, communicational and IT skills.
・To provide state of the art training.
・To reduce the rate of unemployment in Bangladesh;
・To supply skilled professionals in the Industry to reduce the dependency on the foreign professionals;

How do we work

・We collect manpower requirements from the industry.
・Develop necessary training plans, manuals and materials for providing training.
・We shall conduct training classes supplemented by practical work and internship.
・Successful students will recommended to the concerned company for employment.

Facts and figures of the Training

Number of students in each batch 20
Course Duration 4 months
Class days 03 in a week (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Class Duration 02 hours for 01 class, 02 classes daily
Class time: from 8:00am to 12:00pm
IT Training 40 hours
Communication Training 60 hours
Professional Training 40 hours
Technical Training 200 hours


Operating Company BLJ Career Academy
Phone Number +8801849835148
Business Description Professional and Technical skill development Training provider
Established 2019
Office location 149/Ga/1, Shah Ali Bag, (6th Floor), Mirpur 1, Dhaka 1217
Head of Academy Kazi Mafizur Rahaman (Head of Academy)

BLJ Career Academy

149/Ga/1, Shah Ali Bag, (6th Floor),
Mirpur 1, (Opposite of the Directorate of Primate Education)
Dhaka 1217
# Adjacent to the Adventist Pre-Seminary
# 100 meter west of UCEP
# 300 meter west of Sony Cinema Hall

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