Faculty Members

Faculty Members of BLJ Career Academy

Mohammad Faruk Hossain , the Managing Director of BLJ

Mohammad Faruk Hossain

Those who are still suffering from poverty, struggling for 3 meal in a day and could not find a suitable job where they can change their future by hardworking,

I wanted to create job opportunities for them where they can find a hope for their future, able to lead a secure life by ensuring their basic needs; Food, Cloth, Accommodation, Medical treatment, and Education.

I started a factory for manufacturing Leather Goods where I dreamt to create job opportunities for those people. Most of them even had no dream when they were asked at interview; they were very much worried about their tomorrow’s meal.

After joining BLJ they have started to work hard and dreamt for a better future. I am very much confident to support those least fortunate people who are seeking for a job where they can ensure their basic needs by knowing international standard technology of manufacturing.

To fulfill my dream I also started a Ready Made Garments manufacturing factory where I am trying to create more job opportunities. Gradually I want to solve different social problem in Bangladesh, like shelter house for street children along with their proper education, Food security in Bangladesh, Support farmer to grow healthy crops for the people, and so on.

Mohammad Faruk Hossain
Managing Director
BLJ Bangladesh Corproation Limited
I am the youngest son among six brother and sister of my parents. After I graduated Institute of Education and Research (IER) from Dhaka University I had the opportunity to go to Japan for higher studies. I studied Japanese language almost one and half year and then admitted in a 2 years IT diploma course and then enrolled in Chiba University, Chiba, Japan as a research student.
I always had a dream to do something for my motherland and was searching for the right opportunity. I feel extremely lucky as somehow I became a member of Borderless Japan.
As Borderless Japan promotes and patronize social business, in 2013 I came back to my country with one of my Japanese colleague to materialize my dream. In the beginning I had no specific