BLJ Career Academy is working to train up the Bachelor degree holders to be skilled enough to get job of Merchandiser/ Production Officer in the RMG Industry of Bangladesh.


You can challenge the world after the training…

This training will not only change your outlook but also your inner selves.
You will explore a new one who is ready to take any challenge, go to the furthest top of the world.
Moreover, we will instill technical skills of being a “Merchandiser” or “Production Officer” to get instant jobs at the RMG Industry of home and abroad. The tasks will be done as…

Step1.Selection of students through interview.

Identifying the real needs of the students. The students who are highly motivated to work in the industry as a career will get more preference.

Step2.Providing Training to be an Apparel Merchandiser or Apparel Production Officer:

To develop you as a professional Apparel Merchandiser or Apparel Production Officer, we will not only train you to develop your technical skills. We will specially emphasize on the development of your IT, English Language Skills, Professional Manners, Attitudes behaviors appropriate for the corporate settings.

Step3.They will be referred to different companies for suitable jobs.

A team of dedicated marketers looks for job opportunities in the industry and take the requirements from the companies. As per the companies requirements, our trainee students are sent to the concerned companies for job placement.


BLJ Career Academy is not just a lecture. This is a full-fledged professional and technical skill program for those who aim to work in the manufacturing industry, most preferably in the RMG sector.


Nurture your professional skills and manage a livelihood.

BLJ Career Academy will be Your stair to the professional world.
Our work is to train you up to tackle the professional challenges you may face in your upcoming career.

You will chose BLJ Career Academy, because…

  • We will discover your true potentials;
  • We will develop your professionalism;
  • We will enhance your skills of critical thinking;
  • AND
  • We will arrange a job for you

Our commitment is to avail a JOB for you.

We believe in the famous chine proverb “Don’t give a fish, it is better to teach him how to fish”. It is our belief that no one can give a job to anyone, everyone earns his job. Our philosophy is to make you qualified enough for a job, so that you may have the eligibility and ability to fight for a job and earn a livelihood for you and your family.

Course Delivery Plan

Attend courses in our Academy at Mirpur,Dhaka

Our classes are not only just based on Lecture.A veteran and higher level professionals will share their professional experiences with the Trainees.Moreover,all the topics will be followed by practical sessions in our own factory environment,so that Trainees may get a sustainable learning.In addition to that students will get opportunity of free,information about the companies they are planning to apply and many more services.

The Academy alumni network is a great asset.

Marketing and management study sessions are held once a month after graduation free of charge.You will also get opportunity to learn from our highly professional employees of your area of interest.

Allowable payment of tuition

Tuition fees can also be paid in two installments,if it is difficult for you to make a lump sum payment for financial reasons.For really deserving candidates,we have options for scholarships and financial supports.

Support System for jobs

Our main strengths in to arrange job for our trainees after their successful completion of this course.A dedicated team will work to explore job opportunities in the industry and they will recommend our students fo interview.We shall also pursue them to offer chances to our students.By the end of two months,all our students will possibly land in any job.


If you are interested to know more about our academy or courses,please feel free to contact:

We will send you application information to your email address.

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